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​Favorite Recipes From Our Little House In The Big Woods

This book was written to share favorite family recipes. These healthy teenager favorites were practical, economically cost effective and very easy to prepare. Step by Step instructions and acquired tricks are included in this book. After providing the requested recipes via email, or creating a written version of a recipe, the author of this book came up with the idea of creating a book to share all the favorite recipes.

Bobbi Shauger, LLC

Write Your Book

​Capture and Share Your Memories. Write a Book!
This book was written as a guide to provide a simplified approach to writing electronically formatted (soft copy) books. The process uses Microsoft Word as an authoring tool, and provides tips and tricks for designing your book, in a format that is capable of being submitted for electronic publication. The soft copy book will be formatted for reading the book on all electronic book readers, such as smart phones, tablets, electronic readers, laptops and computers.
There are many people around the world that have collected information, such as family recipes over the years, or have created book content they hope to make available for sale and sharing. People have struggled with how to share their information with family and friends. They seek writing instructions and guidelines to enable them to electronically share their information. They need publishing expertise and advice. Many people attend family and personal functions and later regret not having captured the memories of those occasions or they wonder how they may preserve the heritage of their recipes for future generations.
Step by step instructions and acquired tricks for creating your electronic book, are included in this book. Having a technical background and the experience of training and working with people, the author decided it would be a wonderful endeavor to help people capture and share their own information. With this thought, the idea for this book was born. The book provides the instructions that enable anyone to easily create and publish their own collection of information, quickly, at very low cost, with the benefit of leveraging the experience and expertise of the author.